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Sleazyz is a horror sleaze metal band from Troyes, France. The band was formed  by songwriter Fred Dee Ceased. Sleazyz raised from the dead on 2018 with a new line up. David Ripper Smolinski (lead guitars) Pandemonium Rodriguez (rhythm guitars and background vocals,) Speed (drums) and Fred Dee Ceased lead singer and bass guitars.

On 2023, Sleazyz, welcomes Kevin Brasley on the drums for GlitterGhoulz From Hell album and first part of the tour.

On 2024, Sleazyz welcomes Thomas Healstone as lead guitars player and Rapha El Raphale at the drums.

Sleazyz comes from metal, the 80s glam sleaze (Sunset Strip version) and horror b movies. Each song is a story, often inspired by horror films and society issues with a twist of fun!. Music is always loud, fun, fast and loose. At live performances, horror movies clips are projected with each song. Since their last album, March of the Dead, Sleazyz have been touring in France. On 2022 they play at many festivals such as Convention de Fismes, 3 Metal Fest and performing for the first time at Hellfest OFF in Clisson.


Sleazyz recorded  2 studio album : 

March of the Dead (2021) and Glitter Ghoulz From Hell (2023)

Glitter Ghoulz From Hell is their second studio album and the first one with Kevin Shadows on drums.



March of The Dead pays homage to all the differents music influences of the band.
March of the Dead presents a terrifying and entertaining world where monsters and creatures have a incisive and biting gaze of today society.


On 2023 SLEAZYZ, collaborates with the same team work from March of the Dead album.
GLITTER GHOULZ FROM HELL was recorded on march 2023 at Studios Âme du Temple in Troyes, France. Recording and mix were done by Jean Marc « Maz » Pinnaud, recording engineer for Lofofora, Punish Yourself, Tagada Jones and many more. Mastering work were done by Matthie Baumelle from Soundbox Mastering.

Glitter Ghoulz From Hell is terrifing fun, explore the horror sleaze metal like songs as Necromancer, Party id not Dead and Monster Go Go. For the horror glam metal with Halloween in Hollywood and Down, Life will Never be the same, Bag of Bones and Voodoo Dance for the horror glam punk and Satan's School for Lust and Hellhouse for the doom ! Glitter Ghoulz from Hell, more horror, more sleaze, more metal! get ready for a hell of a ride!


Mr. DEE CEASED bass, lead singer


PANDEMONIUM RODRIGUEZ, guitars, backing vocals

THOMAS HEALSTONE, lead guitar, backing vocals // guitares, voix


17/02 Lagetto Rosa, Cerea-Verona, Italy

23/02 El Paso, Perpignan

24/02 Secret Place, Montpellier

06/04 Chapelle Argence, Troyes

20/04 Handlebar, San Juan, Puerto Rico

05/07 3 Fois Plus, Troyes

26/10 Overeighteen, Lyon
30/11 Le Chaudron, Le Mée sur Seine
08/12 AK Shelter, Nantes


                                                                                                          PAST CONCERTS


12/01 Klub, Paris
10/06 Warm Up, Fertois Metal Fest, Demonbar, Outarville
06/07 Monster Art, Fréjus
07/07 Studio Decanis, Marseille
08/09 Release Party, Dr Feelgood, Paris
10/09 Fertois Metal Fest, La Ferté sous Jarre (avec Rhapsody of Fire, Superhorror, Porno Graphic Messiah)
23/09 Dropkick Bar, Orleans
06/10 3 Metal Fest 2, Chapelle Argence, Troyes(avec BlackRain)
21/10 Secret Place, Montpellier
24/11 L'Antipode, Paris
25/11 The Mermaid Tavern, Metz
12/12 Résidence, L'Empreinte, Savigny le Temple
13/12 L'Empreinte, Savigny le Temple

06/03 Convention Rock n'Metal, Fismes
02/04 Le Chaudron Live Session, Festival en Othe, Auxon
22/04 La Comedia, Montreuil (reporté)
16/06 L'Off Hellfest Leclerc, Clisson
09/07 L'Aiguillage, Polisot
08/10 Chapelle Argence, 3 Metal Fest, Troyes (avec Banane Metalik + Superhorror)
22/10 Klub, Paris
29/10 Dropkick Bar, Reims
06/11 La Cave à Rock, Toulouse
17/11 Rock n' Eat, Lyon (avec Broken Bomb) annulé

16/07  Monster's Art, Fréjus
18/09  Fertois Rock Fest,  La Ferté-sous-Jouarre
24/09  Nice Is Burning Fest, Altherax, Nice
30/10 Rock n' Eat, Lyon
31/10 Secret Place, Montpellier
19/11  Klub, Paris
03/12 Electric Co Studio, Hyères
18/12 Chapelle Argence, Troyes (reporté)


20-21/11 POSTPONED MARCH OF THE DEAD Album Release Party, Paris/Troyes.

To be annonced soon.

06/11 Palme 2020, Streaming live from Chapelle Argence, Troyes

CANCELLED 16/05 Festival  Bikers ( RANKKEN) Bar sur Aube

17/01 Shamrock, (E-RUINS), Troyes



14/12( Le Groove, (BANANE METALIK), Romilly sur Seine

13/12  The Message, Troyes

01/10  Le Groove, (MAINKIND+UNDER ALL+MON DOIGT DANS TON CREW), Romilly sur Seine

25/10  Le Tanneries, Dijon

19/10 Festival Burning Chaos Night, (MORTUARY, PROTOGONOS, L'Usine, Chatillon sur Marne

22/ 09 Elastic Bar, UNDER ALL + LAST RAMPAGE,) Strasbourg

20/07  Bacchus Pub, (E-Ruins) Chateau Thierry

13/07  Dropkick Bar, ( Underall) Reims

06/07  ECO ROCKALDOS Festival, Pont sur Seine

21/06  Fête de la musique, scène de la région Grand Est et Ame du Temple, cour de l'Hôtel de Marisy Troyes

07/06  Shamrock, (Rankken) Troyes

17/05  Le Groove, (Ceci Dit + Police on Tv), Romilly sur Seine

30/03  Atelier La bitch, ( Police on Tv + High-School Motherfuckers + AMRG, Nantes

23/03  The Flow, Emergenza Festival, Paris

09/03  Gainz Bar, ( Through the dusk) + Ceci dit) Troyes

11/01  Dropkick Bar, avec Nebulizar et Beminded, Reims


15/12 Backstage O Sullivans, Tremplin Emergenza Lauréat 3 position , Paris
17/11 Festival Pleurs Metalik, Pleurs
03/11 Bi Plan, (Kamera OBSCURA), Lille
31/10 2018, TRAM, Halloween Party, Boyan Choppers, Troyes
27/10 Phantom Projects Contemporary, (Kamera OBSCURA), Troyes
26/10 The Riveter, (Kamera OBSCURA + HSMF), Nancy
28/09 Le Fer à Gus, (Police on Tv + Trojan Busters), Troyes
09/06 Appart Café, (Underall +KAMERA Obscura), Reims
08/06 The Gotham, (Kamera Obscura) Troyes
26/05 The Message, Troyes

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